SEO Audit

Actionable techniques that drive results

SEO Audit Process

Are you having trouble ranking for major search engines, and you’re not sure why? I can conduct SEO Audit and create actionable strategy to maximize your online visibility and increase your organic traffic.
analysis seo


Assess your website's strengths and determine an SEO strategy

identify seo issues


Both the on-page and off-page factors affecting search positions

comprehensive seo report


A competitive scorecard, backlink report, and future site strategy

About SEO Audit Service

I start with analyzing your website to determine what action is needed to best optimize it for your customers. Based on this analysis, I will offer recommendations for improving search engine ranking.

These recommendations may include, broken links, duplicate content, duplicate title tags, duplicate meta descriptions, web content editing, HTML validation, average page times, and error pages.

I will identify these on-page ranking issues and recommend the necessary changes all as part of SEO audit. Identifying and fixing these on-page factors can have a significant and positive impact on your rankings.


Why Would I need an SEO Audit?

SEO Audit is an essential process that will empower your business with real actionable insights. When done correctly, it will tell you what is working, and what is not, and how you can improve your website to rank higher and generate more lead.

First, I will identify problematic areas that need improvement and create an action plan to correct them and second, my SEO audit will keep your website up-to-date with the latest developments and and to keep your website on top of the competition.

How On-Page Factors Affect SEO

What is the point of having attractive website if no one can see it? I worked with a number of clients who have beautifully designed website, engaging and well crafted content that can’t rank in search engines.

The issue in such situations is content in one way or another. This could possibly mean there is no enough content on each page (thin content), duplicate or missing title tags and meta descriptions, or multiple links pointing to the same page it will also lead to (duplicate content).

How Off-Page Factors Affects SEO

Other factors affecting your organic search are what are referred to as off-page factors. Off-page factors make up almost 80% of search engines’ ranking algorithms, making accurate off-page analysis absolutely critical.

Average website visitor cannot spot these off-page factors, it’s actually difficult to identify them manually. Fortunately, I have a set of services that enables me to make off-page analysis and comparison. I will identify these hard-to-see factors and recommend a strategy that helps you build your reputation and increase your presence online.

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