Generate High Quality Leads

37% of marketers and business owners consider generating high quality leads as their number one challenge across all verticals in almost all markets. At Breaze8, we understand that it is becoming increasingly cumbersome to find quality leads based on our client’s feedback, and we help them to tackle it.

With lots of brands competing out there for prospects’ attention in an overcommunicated world, how do you stand out in the crowd?

Understand lead journey

Creating a frictionless lead journey is an instrumental aspect of improving your campaign conversion rate, and generating high quality leads for your business.

Here are 2 important steps to understand the lead journey:

  1. Measure interactions
    Introduce user interaction analysis strategies to better understand users as they navigate through the website or landing page.
  2. Implement FCX
    Frictionless Consumer Experience (FCX) is all about creating a streamlined user buying experience based on measured interactions and eliminating unnecessary steps in the journey. This is also referred to as low-touch conversions.

We recommend revisiting all digital touch points of the lead journey to shorten lead cycles

Find the perfect product/service fit

This is considered a transitory state in which your product or service solves a problem or satisfies a need of your target consumers.

Here are 3 ways to identify market fit:

  1. Growth – If your products or services show a high level of demand based on your analytics data on organic or paid channels, then you’ve reached P/M fit.generate high quality leads
  2. Retention – If your product or service is retaining at least 40% of the customers over an extended period of time.generate high quality leads
  3. 3:1 ROI principle – If the cost to acquire the customer is 3 times less than the lifetime value. That means your ideal CLV:CAC ratio should be 3:1

Scale to new marketing channels

Having a cross-channel outreach mix is an important component in your overarching strategy to generate high quality leads. This places your products and services in front of your target audience on all channels.

We recommend implementing Google search campaigns with a focus on branded and non-branded keywords. That will put the brand in front of the brand-interested audience.

Dealing with changing consumer psychology

8 seconds is the average which data scientists and analysts believe is now the average time in which a consumer’s attention span on social media platforms.

Attention span is the amount of time in seconds a user spends seeing brand ads before deciding to skip or take the desired action.

Businesses need to keep users engaged by keeping their messages simple, using closed captions, and tailored to platforms such as TikTok and YouTube shorts for maximum impact. 

Figuring out how to optimize your sales funnel performance can be a daunting task to do as it involves looking at your funnel from multiple angles, but it will enable your business and widen your bottom of the funnel and capture high quality leads in every industry.

Awad Abdelgayoum brings over 10 years of experience in digital marketing his clients as Digital Marketing & Performance Consultant. Awad is responsible for bringing in Marketing Insights & Insights for businesses in the Middle East. Awad is also involved many companies in the start-up space as an external consultant.