4 Tip to improve your ecommerce sales in Dubai

How to Generate Leads in Dubai

Generate leads in Dubai takes a lot of time and effort, and you won’t see immediate results. However, if you stay with it, the results will pay off handsomely.

How does a couple new leads per day sound? If you aren’t already using these strategies for generating leads online you should consider starting today.

4 Strategies for Generating Real Estate Leads Online

1.  Start a hyperlocal real estate website

If you’re going to have any sort of success ins generating quality real estate leads in Dubai using digital marketing, you are going to need a website.

Having a hyperlocal real estate website that is focused on Local SEO, will help you generate leads in Dubai. That should be the center of everything you do online. Once you get your site up and running, you should constantly be sending people to your site as a way for them to search for local listings or to gather valuable real estate information from the articles you write on your blog.

2. Blog about real estate properties in Dubai

Providing your local buyers and sellers with monthly or weekly real estate market reports and tips is a great way to engage with your audience. You can also write for people who might be moving to your area, content marketing.

3. Leverage Social Media

Staying top of mind is one of the most important aspects for real estate agents to gather referral business. Communicating a valuable message wins over new business. When someone hears someone else say “I’m thinking about buying a house or selling my home”, they remember your Facebook article “10 Things Realtors Do to Sell Your Home” or your helpful “First Time Home Buyer’s Guide”. Providing value to your audience gives you an opportunity to earn more referral business. By communicating a value added message you get people to share it with their friends!

4. Take Advantage of Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a great way to brand yourself and stay in front of consumers. People check Facebook multiple times a day and when they see your sponsored ad they become familiar with you. Not only that, you can set up Facebook ads to be highly targeted. Check out our social media marketing in Dubai.

Final thoughts

Generating leads online doesn’t have to be hard. It starts with a great website and utilizing the tips above. Thanks to being engaging and generous, you will have numerous people reaching out to you when they need of a trusted real estate agent. It can be intimidating at first especially if it’s new to you, and you’re concerned with what people think about your articles. You can’t grow unless you step outside your comfort zone. Give it a try!

Awad Abdelgayoum brings over 10 years of experience in digital marketing his clients as Digital Marketing & Performance Consultant. Awad is responsible for bringing in Marketing Insights & Insights for businesses in the Middle East. Awad is also involved many companies in the start-up space as an external consultant.