The Trust Gap

Why do you buy the things you do? Turn the mirror on yourself for a minute and think about how do you make the choices about your own purchases.

Trust is one of the main drivers. The higher the trust, the more likely it is that someone will do business with you. This is an important point in service-based businesses that many business owners fail to recognize. One of the biggest challenges is to get someone to try a service for the first time, so companies offer ways to get you to try it “without risk.” Unfortunately, we often equate this with giving something away for free, but this does not always address the issue of trust.

Some businesses offer a “Free Consultation” of their potential customers’ home organizational needs to get their foot in the door. By focusing only on price as a barrier to making the first purchase, they were missing something important. OfTrust the Gap course, I do understand that price objection is a legitimate issue with many potential customers. However, there is also a tremendous trust gap.

This is the amount of trust you have to earn before your potential customer will consider buying from you. The trust gap can be practically non­existent, like buying a newspaper, but even then you have to trust that the content will be good. For many service-based businesses, the trust gap is much wider.

Instead of focusing on the cost, let’s look for ways to decrease the gap. As potential clients, we really want to get to know and trust you before we have you in our home and give you access to our mess. If, however, we regularly read great tips on your blog and we get updates via an e-mail newsletter that we signed up for, then we will begin to get to know you.

This is also a great opportunity to look for products you can create that would require less trust and be more scalable. Why not reduce your customers’ hesitations and come out with a CTA titled “30 Days to a Clutter-Free Home” ?. Get out to network and meet other people in your industry or local market and let them know about your business.

Local business people can become clients and can recommend you to others, which is very valuable. Just please, try not to put the “Free Consultation Offer!” on the back of your business card or your service CTA.

It’s like going out on a singles night and letting people know you have a “Free Make-Out Offer!”. On the other side of that, if you are a solopreneur reading this article, remember that because all points of engagement between your company and your market are potentially UnMarketing opportunities, the people you hire have to be as good as you when they represent it.

Awad Abdelgayoum brings over 10 years of experience in digital marketing his clients as Digital Marketing & Performance Consultant. Awad is responsible for bringing in Marketing Insights & Insights for businesses in the Middle East. Awad is also involved many companies in the start-up space as an external consultant.