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7 Checklist For Local SEO

A citation is a complete or partial reference to your business name, address, or phone number (NAP). Most citations will also allow you to include your website.

So why do citations matter? Because on Google search results there is a map listing for a local business and citations help with rankings.

Optimize Logo

Use your business name, city combination in logo file name and image ALT tag. ALT text of your images will have them list in Google Images , that will increase your chances of exposure.

Your final HTML image tag should look like this.

<img src=”” alt=”Company Name City”>

Website NAP

Name, Address, and local phone number (NAPs) in a prominent position on your website, Footer or Contact page can be great locations.

Map and Directions

Add a Google Map with directions to reinforce the idea where you are helpful to clients and power location experiences. You will need to obtain  Google Maps API to activate maps on your website and help of a developer to install key.

Meta title and descriptions

Include your city and region in important meta title and description, you can append them to your existing meta title/descriptions.

Content and links

Ensure your website content contains at least 5 outbound links to other important and relevant local businesses, places and events.


Are you using Schema? markup will present your business information in a distinctive way that will increase your CTR, only if you help search engines to better understand your business and service offering.

Page with Rich Snippets

Local Publicity

Participate in local events, networking events and initiatives through your website to generate press interest.

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